Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day gives any child, from any walk of life, the experience and lesson of a lifetime: how to succeed. The premise is simple. Kids learn how to start and run their own business—a lemonade stand.

As an entrepreneur, Lemonade Day and the weeks leading up to it, empowers youth by showing they control their destiny. It’s encouraging, it’s fun, and it can change lives. It takes adult volunteers to serve as mentors, and it takes responsible businesses to sponsor and support the young start-ups. EFlex Recruiting is proud to take part in Lemonade Day, and proud to support tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

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So much more than a day. So much more than lemonade

Each child that participates receives a free backpack with an Entrepreneur Workbook to help them build their lemonade empire. Kids learn business and budget basics, utilize real-world problem solving, manage money like a pro, and much more.

At EFlex Recruiting, our job is to help businesses help themselves have more success. Through Lemonade Day, we’re extending that mission to tomorrow’s leaders today. Whether this is the first of many, or the only business they’ll ever run themselves, the lessons from Lemonade Day provide kids a lifetime of benefit. Confidence and character can go a long way toward making any dream come true.

Get Involved

Lemonade Day succeeds with the help of adult volunteers. A little effort goes a very long way. Learn more at LemonadeDay.org.

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Lemonade Day reaches 250,000 kids in 40 cities. Help us reach the goal of 1 million kids in 100 cities with a small donation to Lemonade Day.