Diversified Oilfield Services Firm

Case Study: Diversified Oilfield Services Firm

The Situation

This company, a leading global manufacturer of mission critical, complex oilfield products and services for onshore and offshore use, engaged with us in 2010 on a contingent basis. The company was seeking a top-quality candidate for its Remote Operated Vehicle division.

Our Solution

Our highly experienced oil and gas recruiters immersed themselves in the company’s culture to learn what type of candidate would be the best fit. Once a candidate was identified, we found that they were reluctant to move to another company without knowing if it was a good culture fit. To help the candidate become more familiar and comfortable with the company’s culture, we suggested they join the company’s quarterly meeting. The candidate joined the company after experiencing the culture and seeing the investment the company makes in its employees. This led to a more involved recruiting engagement.

The Payoff

  • We placed 18 high-level professionals within a short timeframe.
  • We have received consistent positive feedback on the quality and caliber of candidates across multiple divisions.
  • Our time to fill average has been less than 60 days.
  • We continue to fill professional positions for them.