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You shouldn’t settle for just anyone

Recruiting isn’t just about filling seats. It’s about putting the right people in the right jobs to make the greatest impact on your company’s vision. That requires more than simply collecting résumés. We get to know you and your culture so we can find people who will fit best into your culture. We use our knowledge of your company and your industry to help you build a recruiting strategy. And we make sure that all of your recruiting efforts are in line with your overall goals.

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Business Intelligence: A better strategy begins with knowledge.

We start by getting into your head and learning as much about your business as possible. We ask a lot of questions – the right questions – that will reveal things about your company’s recruiting process you may have never known. We’ll also share industry trends and best practices so you can compare them to your current recruiting strategy. This insight will help you identify the types of people to add to your team who will contribute to achieving your vision.

We’ll increase visibility by exploring:

  • Retention strategies – What measures do you have in place to keep the best people?
  • Salary benchmarks – Are you offering competitive pay to attract top talent?
  • On-boarding techniques – What are you doing to make a new hire’s adjustment period go smoothly?
  • Hiring trends – What positions are other companies in your industry filling?

Executive Assurance: Sleep better at night knowing you hired the right person.

In business, there are a lot of things that can cause stress and anxiety. Whether or not you offered a job to the right person shouldn’t be one of them. We’ll put processes and procedures in place to take the worry out of recruiting. Because once you have peace of mind about hiring, you can start impacting what really matters and focus on your vision.

We don’t leave anything to chance. Everything we do is backed by proven processes to make sure all your bases are covered. We’ll give you the assurance you need through:

  • Candidate profiles – We’ll provide you with an in-depth snapshot of every candidate’s qualifications.
  • Counteroffer control – Our intuition and experience can help you avoid losing a candidate to a current employer’s counteroffer.
  • Reference checks – We’ll check all references to back up the candidate’s résumé.
  • Industry knowledge – Our extensive knowledge of your industry ensures that we’ll present only the most qualified candidates.
  • New hire follow-up – We’ll check in with all new hires to make sure they’re adjusting and fitting in to your culture.

Workforce Alignment: Make sure your stars are aligned.

Aligning your workforce to your company’s vision begins with having the right people on your team. Our powerful sourcing tools and comprehensive screening process help us find candidates that are most likely to fit into your culture and be active participants in achieving your business goals. To make sure our recruiting efforts are in line with your overall strategy, we’ll provide:

  • Candidate profiles
  • Job order profiles
  • Attraction-based job descriptions
  • Weekly status updates

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