It’s time to stop wasting your time

If yours is like a lot of companies, your recruiting team is overwhelmed and has no time to actually source applicants. Your applicant tracking system is being bombarded with unqualified applicants and you’re wasting resources filtering through them to find one or two possible candidates. And because of EEOC and OFCCP regulations, your team is required to review every single applicant.

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Adding to their workload, your team is trying to keep up with administrative tasks like writing job descriptions, interviewing, updating ATS workflow, scheduling, checking references, handling transfers and other duties.

Meanwhile, positions needing highly skilled candidates to achieve your company goals are going unfilled. But there is a way to better utilize your team to find the most qualified candidates quickly without sacrificing time and resources. EFlex Recruiting can take the burden of sourcing off your shoulders and give you the freedom to focus on what matters.

Our services include:


Our sourcing team is highly trained on the latest sourcing methods and tools. When we begin a search, we follow a proven process to get to know you and the type of people you want to add to your team. We learn job function, candidate criteria and any preferred targets such as companies or industries. Once we gather this information, we cast a huge net over associations, organizations, networking, referrals, job boards, internal resources, niche sites and other resources to find qualified candidates.

Job Description Creation and Job Posting

Compelling job descriptions take some time to write and attracting the best talent starts with an effective hook. Our team of experts knows how to draft job postings that bring in the right applicants.

Name Generation

While your recruiters are fully capable of picking up the phone and delivering a sales pitch to possible candidates, they probably don’t have the time. Our sourcing team is highly trained to use the latest technology and Boolean search techniques to target specific people. We validate the information and pass it on to your team.


Initial screening for entry-level opportunities is time consuming. Our team does the initial screening for you and forwards you only the candidates who meet minimum qualifications.

ATS Management

Our team will act as your advocate and screen candidates based on certain criteria. We’ll then forward the candidates to your team and disposition accordingly, making sure to maintain your brand image.