Masonry, Stone and Title Company

Case Study: Masonry, Stone and Title Company

The Situation

  • Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd. is licensed in multiple states and, as one of the largest masonry, stone and tile companies in the country, is capable of building any size project
  • Started working with Camarata in 2019 as a solution to their need for contracting and payrolling and continue to service them today
  • With more than 200 on-site employees, running payroll and reporting internally was costing them half of a work week to complete

Our Solution

  • We began by learning all their needs and what information they needed to see on a weekly basis
  • We then built the tools needed to process and display that data in many different forms
  • We signed up and converted their contract employees for co-employment with us
  • We pushed out all of the payroll needed for every week with reporting

The Payoff

  • Reduced their times spent to payroll and distribute data to almost 0 hours per week
  • We now act as an intermediary for the field personnel solving daily problems so Camarata doesn’t have to
  • We are bringing on new employees both locally and in other cities and states taking on that burden
  • We will be implementing an electronic solution to timecards and payroll in general that will integrate with their ERP system