Offshore Lighting Manufacturer

Case Study: Offshore Lighting Manufacturer

The Situation

This corporation is a leading supplier of a wide range of specialized area lighting and connecting products used in offshore and onshore drilling, shipbuilding, mining, petrochemical and other industrial applications involving harsh and corrosive environments. When the company first engaged with us, its recruiting process was fragmented and was not in line with corporation’s overall strategy. Too much time was being spent on transactional recruiting activities, such as sifting through résumés, rather than on strategic HR initiatives.

Our Solution

We provided a streamlined recruiting process that led to more efficient selection and interviewing of applicants for high-volume hiring. To add to the efficiency, we scheduled onsite open houses and instituted a time keeping system. We also placed one of our recruiters onsite to act as a single point of contact for all recruiting activities.

The Payoff

  • Our referral and networking programs yielded 80% of hires.