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Strategically speaking, you probably face the same issue as many of your peers. You have several high level openings and your recruitment team doesn’t have the capacity to research competitor information and develop a targeted potential candidate list.

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At EFlex Recruiting, our research team is fully capable of:

  • Developing detailed target lists of companies
  • Creating and validating potential candidates with contact information, title and company information
  • Obtaining market intelligence, like what competitors are paying, what parts of the country are hiring and how available a certain skill set is in a specific location

We deliver a list of contacts that’s 100% accurate the day it’s sent. Our process validates that you receive accurate names, titles, direct dials and emails addresses of the professionals you target to be sourced and networked with.

Whether you are filling a pipeline of candidates or targeting your best customers, our research staff is here to save you time and money.