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We’re in this thing together

When you don’t have a solid recruiting strategy and hiring process, it makes achieving your company’s vision more difficult and, in some cases, impossible. You might see recruiting as a nightmare because you never had a strategy, because your current process is broken or because you simply don’t have the resources to dedicate to it. With EFlex Recruiting as your RPO, you’ll have a recruiting strategy that lines up with your business goals, increases productivity and helps drive your company forward.

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We want to know the real you.

Before we can help you build a recruiting strategy, we need to take a close look at your company and get to know you inside and out. We do this by becoming engrained in your culture and asking the right questions to reveal gaps in your current system. The assessment can uncover any number of issues, from slow, broken or non-existent processes to company reputation.

We give you just what you need.

There’s a reason we’re called flexible and it’s because we’ll never put you in a box and make you use services you don’t actually need. Although we can do it all, depending on what we uncover in our assessment, we’ll design a tailor-made recruiting strategy that fits with your overall company goals.

Any of our three main solutions can be customized based on need:

  • Project “On-Demand” – You may need to hire one person or several people just for a special project and want to outsource the recruiting.
  • Partial “Selective” – If you already have an internal recruiting team, our sourcing professionals can lend their expertise to support your recruiters on-site or off-site.
  • Full “Enterprise” – We become your full-service recruitment team. All functions, including strategy, sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, background testing and onboarding, are outsourced to us.

We may suggest implementing any or all of the following solutions as part of your recruiting strategy:

Process Changes

We may find that there’s a problem that’s increasing time to fill. Or your recruiters may be performing tasks they shouldn’t be. Any number of issues could be the culprit for an inefficient recruiting process. We’ll make recommendations to address these issues.

ATS Management

We use an applicant tracking system to automate the recruiting process. When you post a job, the listing is instantly blasted to all major job boards. Any candidates that apply are brought through the EFlex Recruiting portal. Candidates can also be imported from LinkedIn. Everything drives to one reporting dashboard where we can run customized reports.


Our powerful sourcing technology thoroughly screens candidates so you know you’re only getting résumés of the most qualified, available and interested professionals.

Building Talent Pipeline

We engage potential candidates by building a talent community. We may offer expert webinars or send informative emails so that, even if no hiring is needed at the time, we’ll have cultivated a large pool of candidates who will know your company and be ready when you need them.

Employee Value Proposition

With this tool, a candidate can send a link to references who can then confidentially submit a rating of the candidate. The system flags disparities, like if one reference rates the candidate very high and another one very low.

Social Media Strategy

These days, social media is being used for just about everything, including recruiting. We can help you build a strategy to drive recruitment traffic by posting job openings, hiring events and company news.

We’ll be right by your side.

Once we have a plan in place, we partner with your HR group, hiring managers and others in your company to implement the strategy. We provide all necessary training and hold weekly meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. And each quarter we have a business review to recap what has been done, what still needs to be done and how our solutions compare to industry best practices.