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How effectively you impact what matters to your business depends, at least in part, on how well you attract and retain the right people for your team. And doing that depends on whether or not you have a solid recruiting strategy.

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EFlex Recruiting helps you develop a strategic approach that addresses the vital issues relating to your people, culture, operations and technology, including:

Recruitment Process Design

We focus on your process consistency, process improvement and process optimization, reviewing your current forms, recruitment documentation, interview/selection guides and overall process efficiencies and give you our recommendations for improvement.

Technology Selection

Recruitment technology options are vast and everyone claims theirs is the best. Choosing the right technology for you is not always easy. Our team will evaluate your specific needs and tailor a recommendation to suit them. Our expertise includes applicant tracking systems (ATS), reference checking tools, schedulers, assessments, research/sourcing tools and social media management.

RPO Evaluation and Selection

Choosing an RPO vendor can be daunting. There are so many factors to question – like whether the vendor is a good fit, what the potential ROI is and whether you even need an RPO. Our consultants have the deep industry experience needed to answer your questions and help you decide on the right vendor.

Workforce Planning, Organizational Design and Competency Modeling

Despite rising unemployment rates, many industries still face large talent shortages in very critical areas. Industry experts predict this will get worse as the global economy improves and the war for talent heats up. We offer short- and long-term solutions by identifying current pain points, future shortages and excess of talent. Competency modeling enables your leadership team to identify key competencies to grow internal teams and evaluate new employees while paving a roadmap for career growth.